Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Teaching comedy!

I'm three weeks into teaching a five session course at a local library. We decided to call it 'Comedy for Kids', although I suppose that one writes 'humour' rather than 'comedy'. But who cares?

I have four middle graders. One girl is a regular at my courses, and is very talented. Her story involves a giant inflatable shark called Melvin, and his search for stolen fish sticks. It's pretty darn good for a twelve year old!

The others aren't quite as advanced. One boy is a sports nut, and seems a bit lost when it comes to actually adding real humour to his writing. But, hey, he's nine. When I was nine I wasn't a great talent either.

OK, I know what you were about to say -----

Anyway, it's huge fun, and I'm glad to be teaching the next generation. And giving them homeweork as well.


vern said...

And exposing America's children to the thrill of Victorian pedagogy, no doubt! Welcome to the blogosphere, good sir.

Anonymous said...

I am a few chapters away from finishing Island of the Mad Scientists and I hope to blog it for our library's website when I finish. I do love this one, like the others. I had several long books ahead of this one (extra points, one was on 15th century Malta) and my family started and finished without me.