Tuesday, 27 January 2009

More Young Minds to Mould --

--- into brilliant writers!

I've started a new series of creative writing classes for youngsters at New City Library. Normally I keep it 4th-6th grades, but my most regular attendee, Susan is now in the 7th, and has a couple of friends of the same age. The youngest is member is actually in the third grade, so she's very young - but clearly extremely bright and talented. Ten budding writers, boys and girls.

They all say they'll do the homework, even though there are no grades. We'll see!

I really enjoy teaching these kids. They are so talented.

Well, some of them are, anyway (!)

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Things is a poppin'!

For a couple of months it seemed that nothing much was happening with my writing.

I finished what I think is a very funny YA novel in collaboration with a young woman from my church youth group, meeting once a week over her mom's kitchen table to just make up storyline and typing it up later. We began a follow up, but she's been very busy, and we haven't returned to our weekly sit-downs.

I've begun a middle grade (probably 9-11 ages) story called, tentatively, "Zombie Hunters of the Fifth Grade". But I haven't got very far yet.

But this week I A) received a contract, at last, for "Bogbrush the Barbarian" (another very silly book) and was asked by KCP for a proposal for a non-fiction book about Robin Hood. Indeed, that would be part of a possible series about historical (or, in this case, semi-historical) figures.

And on Monday I start teaching creative writing for kids once again.

Good stuff!