Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Teaching comedy!

I'm three weeks into teaching a five session course at a local library. We decided to call it 'Comedy for Kids', although I suppose that one writes 'humour' rather than 'comedy'. But who cares?

I have four middle graders. One girl is a regular at my courses, and is very talented. Her story involves a giant inflatable shark called Melvin, and his search for stolen fish sticks. It's pretty darn good for a twelve year old!

The others aren't quite as advanced. One boy is a sports nut, and seems a bit lost when it comes to actually adding real humour to his writing. But, hey, he's nine. When I was nine I wasn't a great talent either.

OK, I know what you were about to say -----

Anyway, it's huge fun, and I'm glad to be teaching the next generation. And giving them homeweork as well.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Island of Mad Scientists --

-- continues to get really good reviews.

Here's one:

another here:

This is great, since I think it's my best book yet.

Of course, even if I thought it was a pedestrian effort, barely adequate at best, I'd still want the great reviews :)

What I really want is for lots of actual kids to enjoy it. I'd like them to buy it, of course, since I have to buy groceries like everyone else, but I didn't start writing for kids so I could buy a Rools Royce.

Dam' lucky really for me, thenm since I am stilll driving the dented Mazda ---